Rack entnehmen

  • Fastest method for parallel evaporation of organic solvents and a very fast method for evaporation of water and of aqueous mixtures.
  • Gentle evaporation method at a moderate temperature (25 – 40°C) in an inertgas atmosphere.
  • Ideal method for the automated evaporation of samples which are susceptible to temperature and oxygen.
  • No risk of bumping and no risk of cross-contamination.
  • Closed circuit of inertgas (nitrogen). Economical nitrogen consumption. Instrument may be placed on a non-ventilated bench.
  • 100% solvent recovery due to a powerful condenser.
  • > 50% recovery of energy by an integrated heat exchanger.
  • Easy operation due to a touch screen user interface. Pre-defined as well as individual methods. Reproducible procedures and results.
  • Easy and fast configuration of the system (rack and tube type).
  • No restrictions to the tube types used.
  • Tube height up to 160mm; tube ID 10 – 30mm and even larger.
  • Flexible rack system available for adaption to the tube type used.
  • Transparent sample chamber for visual monitoring of the process.
  • Accurate temperature control by the pyrometric temperature measurement of the liquid as well as of the circulating gas.
  • Stand by function with pre-set period of non-usage for automated shut off heating and cooling.
  • Scalable system: Up to two blow-down units may be connected to a single condenser.
  • Compact system: The VAPORNADO® Plus may be installed on the recommended trolley or on top of a laboratory bench.