System diagram

  1. Test tube
  2. Blowing tube
  3. Suction tube
  4. Circulation pump
  5. Heating
  6. Level measurement
  7. Rack mount
  8. Sample chamber
  9. Touchpanel
  10. Condenser
  11. Round bottom flask
  12. Cooling medium



The evaporation of the solvent with the VAPORNADO® Plus system is achieved  by a closed circuit of an inert gas such as nitrogen at normal pressure. The evaporation is effected sweeping away the solvent vapors from the surface of the liquid by a constant gas flow. In the closed circuit of the VAPORNADO® Plus the carrier gas is blown onto the surface of the liquid through thin stainless steel tubes. The saturated carrier gas is then aspirated from each vessel (no cross contamination) separately and led to the condenser. After condensation of the solvent the dried gas flow is returned to the blow-down unit.

The evaporation energy is supplied  by the dried carrier gas which is passed through a heater prior to the repeated blow-down process. In addition, an efficient evaporation rate is achieved holding constant the distance of the blow-down tubes to the descending liquid surface.