The blow-down unit and the condenser of the VAPORNADO® Plus together constitute a closed system. The lower part of the blow-down chamber is a pull-out tray which holds the rack with the sample tubes. A working height of 160 mm allows the system to be configured for a wide range of tube sizes and shapes.


The VAPORNADO® Plus is operated by means of a touch screen at the front side of the instrument representing an easy and clearly arranged user interface. The blow-down process can be started and stopped at any time pushing the START or STOP button on the main screen of the touch panel.

Based on the parameters provided by the users' method the VAPORNADO® Plus is performing an entirely automated evaporation including the procedures at the end of the process: The blow-down head with its blow-down tubes is lifted as high as the sample room; it still remains closed in order that the samples are kept in an inert atmosphere until the user opens the instrument in the next morning after evaporation.


An optionally available an easily adaptable rack system with various height adjustable panels an shelfs permits the use of a wide range of container types an sizes.